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Server time:
Milky Way
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Server Rates

Max. level:200
Skill EXP:x1000
War EXP:x200
Pet EXP:x1000


Users on the site:155
Players online:186


Accounts created:8282
Characters created:14172
Guilds created:240

News and updates

Easter Event

22.03.2024 00:00


Hello Galaxians

It is time to finally celebrate the Easter Holiday on Cabal Galaxy. This year the Easter Bunny came to us and he left you some valuable presents.

The special monsters GM-Franky will spawn in the first 3 maps, same locations and random respawn time as you are used to.

The event monsters will reward you upon killing them with Potions, Easter Eggs and T-rex Eggs and the Easter Event Dungeon.

The Easter Event Dungeon will be accesible to everyone who has the entry key dropped from monsters and can be cleared by both new and old players without any major difficulty.

The droplist of the event dungeon is indicated on the entry item itself.

If this was not enough already, since the easter bunny is old and rusty, he also dropped some eggs in all the dungeons.

The eggs chance is increased by the difficulty of the dungeon(harder the dungeon, higher the chance to drop the eggs).

The Event Girl Yul from Green Despair will serve you as the exclusive npc exchange for this event, there you will find everything you need in order to be able to find the best way for you in order to achieve the exclusive Easter Event Buff 2024.

To also celebrate the easter event, Mission War cube has been adjusted to reward you with either a T-rex egg or a Basket of Eggs during the event period.

The droplist of all event items are also written on the description part of the items.

The event period is between 22.03.2024 until 03.05.2024.

We will also have a promo for payments of the people who support Cabal Galaxy server by giving away 1 Egg basket for every euro spent during the period of the event.

Welcome Spring + EVENT

01.03.2024 00:00


Welcome 2024 Spring, please be kind to us.

Valentines event will say good bye to Cabal Galaxy until next year and we are slowly aproaching a next big turning point.

March will be the month with a lot new content and a lot of things to keep you busy.

Until further notice, a new event with a duration of aprox. 1 WEEK (To be discussed if its 1 week or not) will come on Cabal Galaxy.

During this event week you will have a chance to obtain Cabal Galaxy Reborn Box instead of The Token which you are used it.

The box will grant you 1 token with 100% chance and you can get another token with a 30% chance or 70% chance to get an ALZ pot.

Also, during the event, the Dungeon Reward boxes will drop instead of 1, 3 and 6 -> 6, 9 and 12 Dungeon reward tokens.

Enabled a 30% Ecoin purchase promo to celebrate the begining of the Spring until Sunday Midnight.

Update and Changes

01.03.2024 00:00


-Enabled a new Reborn Box event[details will be found on announcements]
-Enabled the Dungeon reward boost box event [details will be found on announcements]
-Added the other 3 Premium DX dungeons to Special Inventory[premium users], in total you have all 4 kind of Premium dxes there.
-Removed GM Franky
-Removed Legend Arena Dungeon
-Removed Valentines Roses from dungeons
-Removed Red Bouquet promo for Ecoin purchases
-Removed Red Bouquet from TG mission reward cube
-Added Q or W or 7 or E or V or O (5 pieces)- Bike Fragments to TG mission reward cube
-Added the Possibility to List Rune enchant material in AH- Craft items > Normal items > Rune enchant material
-Added the Possibility to List Mazel Rune Fragment in AH- Craft items > Normal items > Mazel Rune Fragment
-Added the Possibility to Evolution Belt Stone in AH- Craft items > Normal items > Evolution Belt Stone
-Moved Dungeon Reward Boxes from Rings cattegory[which was wrong] to Craft items > Normal items > Dungeon reward box
-Reworked Premium DX dungeons to drop more ap potions since they are needed to upgrade the runes and also increased the ap ammount per potion, Legacy chest from 50 to 75 ap, legendary chest from 50 to 100 ap per potion.

Update and Changes

27.02.2024 00:00


-Increased the Drop ammount from Hazardous Valey (Awakened) from 2 to 3 drops per chest to help with the chaos core droprate
-Increased the Drop ammount from Acheron Arena from 2 to 3 drops per chest (Legacy and Legendary) to help with the Slot Extender (Highest) droprate.
-Increased the SFC buff duration to 2 hours, adjusted its cooldown from 300 to 1 sec
-Added new starter set (mithril 3 slotted +9 including armors and weapons) to help new people farm faster. [ If you already have a character, create one more character fo the same class and add the items from the new char to warehouse and take them on main if you need them]
-Added the possibility to Apply Bike costumes to the new QW7 bike and its Evo versions.
-Decreased the HP of monsters and bosses of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 dungeons by 20%
-Decreased the attack power of monsters and bosses of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 dungeons by 30%
-Reworked the Forgotten Temple B3F - Reward Cube. [it now drops 15 qw7 materials instead of 5]

Update and Changes

23.02.2024 00:00


-Added a new Exclusive PVE ONLY passive buff for Warrior Called Kwarku(PVE ONLY) [bloody ice instructor will sell it]
-Added a new Exclusive PVE ONLY passive buff forForce Shielder Called Mioritz(PVE ONLY) [bloody ice instructor will sell it]
-Increased Art Of Defense from 2000 flat defense to 3000 flat defense of Force Shielder
-Mazel Ring is now Tradeable so you can sell it to other players
-Updated Legendary Chest from Forgotten Temple B3F to drop only QW7 bike fragments (random ones Q/W/7/E/V or O can be obtained there)
-Added Elemental Crystal to Auction House
-Added Elemental Stones (Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth) to Auction House
-Added Epic boosters (Mithril, Archridium and Palladium) to Auction House
-Removed Blended Rune Manager since it was causing problems. The alternative to get blended runes will be Blended Rune Cube for WEXP.
-Updated guild emblems

Update and Changes

09.02.2024 00:00


-Enabled the Valentines Day event
-Removed the distribution for the Daily activation scroll which was used to activate the fallen meteor quest[existing quest items can still be used for daily quests, the fallen meteor shop will stay active until 23.03.2023]
-Added Tier 2 Reborn Token in Forgotten Temple B3f Dungeon
-Added Dungeon Achievement Tier 1 Upgrade level 7 and level 8 in Bloody Ice Event Girl YUL->Dungeon Rewards Tab.
-Discounted Dungeon Achievement Tier 1 Upgrade level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Bloody Ice Event Girl YUL->Dungeon Rewards Tab
-Added Dungeon Achievement Tier 2 Upgrade level 7 and level 8 in Bloody Ice Event Girl YUL->Dungeon Rewards Tab.
-Discounted Dungeon Achievement Tier 2 Upgrade level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Bloody Ice Event Girl YUL->Dungeon Rewards Tab
-Added Dungeon Achievement Tier 3 Upgrade level 4, 5 and level 6 in Bloody Ice Event Girl YUL->Dungeon Rewards Tab.
-Updated guild emblems

Valentines Event

09.02.2024 00:00


Today a new event comes on Cabal Galaxy. Valentines Day Event.

For all the lonely hearts out there, Cabal Galaxy is here to make this Celebration better( I hope)

What Items can be obtained during the Valentines Day Event?
1.Valentines 2024 Rose(Pink) -> Where? -> Every dungeon has a chance to drop 2 3 or 5 pieces Depending on dificulty
2.Valentines 2024 Rose(Yellow) -> Where? -> In the special Valentines Event Dungeon
3.Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Pink) -> Where? -> In the special Valentines Event Dungeon or Green Despair Event Girl YUL
4.Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Yellow) -> Where? -> In the special Valentines Event Dungeon or Green Despair Event Girl YUL
5.Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Red) -> Where? -> In the special Valentines Event Dungeon or Green Despair Event Girl YUL
6.Cabal Galaxy Valentines Day 2024 Token -> Where? -> In the Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Pink) OR Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Yellow) or Valentines 2024 Rose Bouquet(Red)

What can I do with Cabal Galaxy Valentines Day 2024 Token?
-Visit Green Despair Event Girl YUL to see the Exchange Shop

What is the duration of event?
-From 09.02.2024 until 01.03.2024 when the next event will start.

What can I drop from the Bouquets?
-Check their droplist section

Where can I get the dungeon entry for the event dungeon?
-First 3 maps will spawn random GM- Franky, they have a chance to drop: Potions, Entry, Roses and Bouquets.

What is the respawn time of Franky?
-I dont know

What is the possible outcome of the EVO-3 Craft card?
-1 random slot option
-2 random slot options.

Update and Changes

12.01.2024 00:00


-Rebalanced the Wizard defense since it was getting too much damage. This change only affects PVE channels and it does not have any effect in WAR/TG.
-Re-introuced the Weekend Reborn Discounts
-Enabled Fallen Meteor ecoin purchase promo
-Slightly increased the Droprate of Fallen Meteors from EVERY dungeon.
-Updated guild emblems

Event and Promo

12.01.2024 00:00


The time has come to re enable the Reborn Weekend Discounts

During the weekends, if you are a Premium Membership user, you will have acces to both alz and ecoins discounts when you reborn.

Tier 2 reborn:
Alz price reduced from 50m to 40m per reborn
Ecoin price reduced from 150 to 50 ecoins per reborn

Tier 3 reborn:
Alz price reduced from 150m to 125m per reborn
Ecoin price reduced from 500 to 150 ecoins per reborn

The discounts are avaliable from mid Friday until early Monday for all premium users.

Details about Premium can be found on Website>Webshop>Premium Membership

From 12.01.2024 until 12.02.2024 every ecoin purchase on Cabal Galaxy will grant you an additional reward called Fallen Meteor

How is the Fallen Meteor promo described and distributed?
-Every 1 euro purchase worth of Ecoins will grant you one piece of Fallen Meteor.
EG: If you buy 5 euros worth of ecoins, you will get an additional of 5 Fallen Meteors sent to you
Note: The meteors are not sent directly, they need to be sent by hand and the process can take up to 24h to be completed for every purchase.

Fallen Meteor

08.01.2024 00:00


Today a new Event is making its way to Cabal Galaxy

Fallen Meteor has fallen from the sky and landed on Cabal Galaxy. It is your job to find them, if you find them, they are yours and they can be used in whichever way you decide.

How to get Fallen Meteor:
From Daily Quest.

-Everyday at 00:00 server time you will get a Cabal Galaxy Activation Scroll in your cash inventory if you have been online for atleast 1 hour in the previus day.
-You can activate the Quest from the Daily Event Quest Manager (Bloody Ice near Henkoff Officer)
-There are 3 quests with 3 different dificulties, pick the one suitable for your level (Quests can be done in party)
From Dungeons.

-Every dungeon has the Fallen Meteor indicated in the Droplist Section.
-Fallen Meteor drops in Legendary Chest ONLY.
From Mission War.

-Every participation to mission war with a minimum score of 200 pts grants you some Fallen Meteors.

What are Event Boxes and where to get them?
-Event Boxes are something really special. They contain some fragments which can be exchanged in Green Despair Event Girl YUL for whatever you desire.
-You can drop the boxes in Dungeons, the dungeons which drop it have it indicated in the droplist section
-You can exchange Fallen Meteors for the boxes in Event Girl YUL Green Despair

What is the event duration?
-8th of January until 12th of February

Cabal Galaxy Reserves the right to change or modify the event whenever it is needed or decided.