Luminosity Bringer


Before the war left

Server time:
Milky Way
Galaxy Double Drop
Galaxy Double Drop
Star Fall (War)

Server Rates

Max. level:200
Skill EXP:x1000
War EXP:x200
Pet EXP:x1000


Users on the site:109
Players online:93


Accounts created:4177
Characters created:6528
Guilds created:121

News and updates

Weekend Event + RUNE Update

17.11.2023 00:00


It is time for the weekend madness

This weekend we will have something more SPICY for our devoted players.

You will be able to obtain more Dungeon Reward Tier Stones from the Dungeon Reward Boxes.

Dungeon Reward Tier 1 BOX will drop 5 10 or 20 Dungeon Reward Tier 1 instead of 1 2 or 3.
Dungeon Reward Tier 2 BOX will drop 5 10 or 20 Dungeon Reward Tier 2 instead of 1 2 or 3.
Dungeon Reward Tier 3 BOX will drop 5 10 or 20 Dungeon Reward Tier 3 instead of 1 2 or 3.


Dungeon Reward Tier 1 BOX Has a chance to give you Cabal Galaxy Merit Medal. [Defined as Base CHANCE]
Dungeon Reward Tier 2 BOX Has a chance to give you Cabal Galaxy Merit Medal. Base chance + 5%
Dungeon Reward Tier 3 BOX Has a chance to give you Cabal Galaxy Merit Medal. Base chance + 10%

Also I have created a special Material to upgrade runesfurther defined as Rune Enchant Material

Where can you drop Rune Enchant Material ? In every dungeon which has the Rune Enchant Material indicated at the [Droplist] Section

Rune Enchant Material will serve you as the item needed to upgrade the runes past certains levels.

Runes which recieved the extension now are : STR, INT, DEX, Sword Skill Amp, Magic Skill Amp, Critical Damage.

Daily Quests

07.11.2023 00:00


Today, 07.11.2023 Cabal Galaxy recieves a new system of Daily Quests.

Daily Quests are accesible with a Cabal Galaxy Daily Quest Ticket

How to obtain Cabal Galaxy Daily Quest Ticket?
Everyday at 5PM server time all characters which were online for atleast 1 hour in the previous day will recieve one ticket in their cash inventory

What can you do with Cabal Galaxy Daily Quest Ticket?
You can go to Bloody Ice NPC called Daily Quest Manager and pick One of the 3 avaliable quests depending on how you feel during that day.

What are the rewards of the quests and dificulty?
-Tier 1 quest gives you 3 Fallen Comets and it will require you to do 2 runs of EOD1 and 2 runs of EOD2
-Tier 2 quest gives you 4 Fallen Comets and it will require you to do 2 runs of Illusion Castle Apocrypha 1 and 2 runs of Illusion Castle Apocrypha 2
-Tier 3 quest gives you 5 Fallen Comets and it will require you to do 2 runs of EOD3P2 and 2 runs of MI

Tier 3 is LIVE!

20.10.2023 00:00


A portal will open today and we will all be forced with or against our will to walk trough it. The portal is the gateway towards the TIER 3 update which will come live today 20.10.2023 on Cabal Galaxy.

Before getting into more details I want to express my gratitude and appreciation towards our players.

You chose to stay with the server for over 3 months now and that means that someone is doing the right thing. I very much appreciate you guys and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything we have achieved together until this point and beyond.

The update consists of:
-New Gear: Archridium Weapons, Armors and Epaulets
-New Epic Boosting options for the Archridium Gear
-New Bikecard released today: PW5
-New Accesory: Cabal Galaxy Earring
-New Dungeon Achievement Tier 3
-New Dungeons(not 1 but 3 new ones): Awakened Forgotten Temple B2F, Epaulet of the Dead B3F(Part 2) and Mirage Island
-New Runes: Critical Damage II, Sword Skill Amp II, Magic Skill Amp II
-New Belt Stages: +11 up to +20
-New Reborns unlocked via Tier 3 Reborn Token 1250-2500

Thank you once again for taking part of this amazing journey and beeing here today while writing history.

Changes and Updates

13.10.2023 00:00


-Added LV. 5 and LV.6 Dungeon Dungeon Achievements Tier 1 and Dungeon Achievements Tier 2 Event Girl YUL (Dungeon Achievement Tab)
-Added LV. 4, LV. 5 and LV.6 Merit Mastery PVP and Merit Mastery PVE Event Girl YUL (Merit Mastery Tab)
-Added Cabal Galaxy Wing Buff Level 7, 8 ,9 and 10 (You already know how it works, you will find details in the mails sent to you)
-Removed Social Skills [for the TG lovers]
-Added Bike Costumes NPC in Bloody Ice since people didnt know we even have costumes for bikes on website
-Added New Bike costumes which were not avaliable before on the website for sale in Bloody Ice NPC
-Added The New Archridium Booster NPC [will be used in Tier 3 Update]
-Added The Halloween Map Theme [special thanks to Shrooms]
-Updated T-Points store
-Increased the HP and HP regeneration of Leveling Totems and AFK Tower[since people are becoming stronger and stronger]
-Added the Cabal Galaxoween Event
-Updated guild emblems

Cabal Galaxoween is here

13.10.2023 00:00


The event will be composed of multiple variations of activities which you will be able to choose from:

Cabal Galaxy Small Pumpkins will spawn in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair and Portlux.

Cabal Galaxy Pumpkin Begginer will spawn in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair, Portlux and Fort Ruina.

Cabal Galaxy Pumpkin Medium will spawn in Undead Ground, Lakeside, Forgotten Ruins and Mutant Forest.

Cabal Galaxy Pumpkin High will spawn in Pontus Ferum, Porta Inferno, Arcane Trance and Senilinea.

Cabal Galaxy Halloween Dungeon 2023 will be a custom made dungeon in which you can collect valuable drops.

All of the pumpkins aswell as the dungeon will drop the Cabal Galaxy Gift Ticket which can be exchanged into valuable items at Event Girl YUL.

The rewards are valuable, they will help you progress faster and also to spice up a few things we have also prepared some exclusive items which will only be able to be obtained during this event, among them I can mention:

Ring of Luck +4
Critical Ring +4
Halloween Passive 2023


14.09.2023 00:00


-changed the spawntime of Mushed and Ectoflower in AHV dungeon for people not to wait that long for monsters to spawn
-changed the spawntime of Arsus, Varsus, Karsus in EOD3 dungeon for people not to wait that long for monsters to spawn
-fixed the problem with Schwartz in EOD3 not spawning everytime.
-disabled completely the daily quests which were changed to give UCH.
-increased the capacity of Andromeda Channel to 80 people
-updated proper description to all dungeon with the new Dungeon Reward Boxes
-updated AOS1 entry description with the Belt stones
-updated guild emblems

Today Cabal Galaxy recieves again a new update.

14.09.2023 00:00


In this update you will find a new concept of Dungeon Rewards.

At the end of each dungeon acording to the dungeon tier you will be rewarded with a Dungeon Reward Tier 1 or Tier 2 Box.

You will be able to exchange the reward fragments into a skill book avaliable at Event Girl YUL in Bloody Ice for some powerfull passive upgrades.

Today I have also decided to add a Mystery Box with some extremely nice items avaliable on the N shop where you can try your luck and obtain some very nice items.

Enabled donation event with 20% extra Ecoins on every donation towards Cabal Galaxy until 16.09.2023.

Cabal Galaxy reserves the right to change/modify the update at any time.

Events for the weekend

07.09.2023 00:00


The discount for premium users is live:

Tier 1 reborn discounted to 10m alz and 100 ecoins.

Tier 2 reborn discounted to 80m alz and 400 ecoins.

The monster invasion now drops double the ammount of alz per mob (instead of 1m it drops 2m)

The donation event is also live.

These events will end on 11.09.2023.

*The double drop channels were voted to stay and they will stay until further notice.


01.09.2023 00:00


On 01.09.2023 at 3PM server time, Cabal Galaxy will recieve a small update.

The update will have a new Mercenary which is formed from two pieces:
-Mercenary Left Part and
-Mercenary Right Part.
The mercenary parts can be looted from Tempus and Leth Tyrant boss.

After you get the two parts you will be able to exchange them to the Mercenary which will be your new helping hand in dungeons and will server you with honor.

Since many players requested help with the Blended Runes, a new Blended Rune Cube which can drop level 1 2 and 3 blended runes will be added into Wexp shop for 2500 Wexp.

Today also a new craft system will make its way to Cabal Galaxy and you will be able to craft your amulet with a formula card avaliable at Event Girl YUL and you will be able to unlock some grest stats for your amulet.

Maximum stats avaliable on the amulet are

15 All Skill Amp or
21 Critical Damage or
6 Max Critical Rate or
9% Flee rate or
90 Defense.

The amulet craft can be reseted by transmuting the amulet and exchaning the material into a clean amulet.

Also to celebrate this weekend and facilitate our new players, Tier 1 reborns will have their price reduced for the weekend to 100 ecoins or 15.000.000alz + 1 Reborn token Tier 1 for every reborn.

Cabal Galaxy Update

18.08.2023 00:00


Today Cabal Galaxy will recieve not one but actually THREE important updatse which will facilitate every person playing on it.

Double Drop Channel will open every Friday[7PM-9PM] and Saturday[1PM to 3PM]
server time and will have double the ammount of drops for EVERY monster/chest. The durations is automatically set to 2Hours and the channel will open and close automatically.

Monster Invasion will open everyday at 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM 8 PM server time and will be up for 10 minutes.

Monster invasion is represented by an invasion of the Trojan Horse which in the history books is described to have been used by Greeks as a disguise mechanism of entering in the City of Troy and winning the War.

The monsters altho seem inoffensive, they must be killed as soon as possible to save the situation.

Holly Windmill dungeon

The Holly Windmill dungeon will be an exclusive dungeon entrance which is rewarded as a gift to players which stay atleast 1 hour online on the game. The Entry will be claimed from websites daily activity goal together with the Galaxy Merit Medal and you can only claim it once per day.

The dungeon will drop Lv. 2 Wing Experience Potion and it will serve you as a way to achieve the last levels of the wing buffs faster.

Since this is a limited to one entry per day per account, use it wisely.